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Horrible Fire in Woodmill High School in Edinburgh

Woodmill High School Edinburgh has been badly damaged by a large fire which broke out recently in August. The school is expected to remain closed for the foreseeable future and a 14-year-old boy has been arrested in connection. Luckily, this has happened at night. During the daytime, a proper Contingency Plan in place would have saved lives. This problem applies to all schools or universities.


The Challenge


Providing Individualised Services and dedicated Alarm Server Management, INAX247 is your leading provider in Europe. Offerings these services from various locations and with the help of motivated resellers, it’s up to you to minimize risks. Just speak to us for a free consultation.


The Solution


Our renowned and market-leading software ixArma5 and ixArma 5 portal (secure cloud solutions, hosted in your country or on your very own dedicated server) will prepare you for the worst. INAX implements your Alarm Server Solution and manages the application on your behalf, even on your own dedicated server. As this server is used just by you, you may use this server for a wider range of other applications and business needs too. However, INAX is then only responsible for the installation of the Alarm Server and its maintenance.


Wenn es um die Verwaltung kritischer IT-Operationen für Ihr Unternehmen geht, brauchen Sie definitiv einen Experten. Lassen Sie sich von uns zeigen, wie zuverlässig, sicher und schnell unser marktführendes Alarmserver-Management arbeitet – damit erhalten Sie ein leistungsstarkes Tool zur Bewältigung von Vorfällen jeglicher Art.