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Crisis and Emergency Response

Many company owners, including those of smaller companies, are aware that companies of all sizes are legally obliged to develop a sufficient Crisis and Emergency Response Management and have emergency plans ready for any case of emergency. However, these tasks often take a back seat due to day-to-day business. If something does happen, the reaction is usually inadequate. Hence, if this leads to death or lasting personal injury, one may expect trouble and considerable costs due to legal consequences.

The emergency plans should cover a whole range of possible events such as fire, terror, amok, robbery, etc. and enable employees to deal with these situations.

This not only requires regular test alarms, but also training of employees and the use of technical equipment and software solutions that, in an emergency, enable communication with colleagues and the operational management via all conceivable communication channels. Furthermore, this software application should also keep guidelines, rules of conduct and instructions ready to use at the push of a button.

This cannot be achieved by a simple chat APP, and you need modular, expandable software that can be individually adapted to your needs. ixArma, our Swiss alarm server and software for crisis management, is such a solution for Crisis and Emergency Response Management – modular, suitable for multi-location, multilingual, powerful, user-friendly, and available in a highly secure cloud in Switzerland (Glattbrugg and Zurich 5) as well as on-site installation.

You can easily rent our software, and we also offer comprehensive support – 24/7 – if required.

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INAX AG (ISANDO GROUP), 7 January 2022


Wenn es um die Verwaltung kritischer IT-Operationen für Ihr Unternehmen geht, brauchen Sie definitiv einen Experten. Lassen Sie sich von uns zeigen, wie zuverlässig, sicher und schnell unser marktführendes Alarmserver-Management arbeitet – damit erhalten Sie ein leistungsstarkes Tool zur Bewältigung von Vorfällen jeglicher Art.